Talent without the attitude

You Have A Story To Tell…


Our goal at Bright Blue Sky Productions is to help our clients effectively craft & communicate their message in the medium of their choice. Our commitment is to demonstrate integrity and excellence while encouraging those traits in others as we work together to tell your story.

Whatever your story and its purpose, we promise to help you tell it with skill, enthusiasm, and conviction.

Whether your project involves raising awareness or raising funds, challenging your audience or changing a corporate culture, a call to action, capturing an historic event, or enhancing a milestone celebration, we can promise to hold the attention of your audience and provide you with twenty-first century storytelling tools. We’ve been told that what we do is unique in the industry, but all we know is this is part of who we are. Perhaps it is why people seem to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them.

We are equally at ease with the CEO, the chairmen of the board or the custodian, and each has a valuable perspective on your organization or the issue at hand.

We are experienced executives able to balance the creative with the pragmatic.

We’re not the cheapest, but we will work with you to provide the best possible product within your budget.

We have never exceeded a project estimate except in rare instances of mutual agreement with the client.

We’re not much into drama, fluff, prima donnas or control freaks. We value diversity & insist on respect for one another, from the highest paid to the lowest, in your organization and in ours, because we often find the people with the most to offer are those who are unaware of their extraordinary worth and value.